The Team Zoic

Guardians of Time

Guardians of Time. We have been involved in paleontology for over 40 years. Our team consists of geologists, paleontologists, artists, and technicians united by the passion and curiosity for the life forms that once inhabited the Earth. Through our work, we bring extinct creatures back to life.

Our mission is to make paleontology a science accessible to everyone! For us, fossils are not just collectible pieces for a niche market, but also a means to educate and promote culture.

Flavio Bacchia

Geologist and Founder

I am an expert of Modern Paleontology

For forty years, my passion for fossils has guided my adventure in paleontology. “I was a university student, and my curiosity about the world of paleontology took me around the world in search of fossils. However, resources were limited, and finding funds for my expeditions was not easy… I realized that I could finance my travels by selling some samples and could proceed with other purchases to satisfy my curiosity. That’s how I started. For twenty-five years, I traveled regularly between the United States and Trieste to oversee the extraction of specimens, working to create a team with both scientific and craftsmanship skills few in the world can match.