with universities

Our company is proud to collaborate with some of the leading Italian universities, offering concrete and unique opportunities at a national level for curricular internships and thesis projects. We strongly believe in the importance of combining academic training with practical experience to best prepare young talents for the workforce.

Internship Opportunities

We offer curricular internships, particularly in the field of paleontological preparation, allowing students to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during their studies in a corporate context with the supervision of experts in the field. Our internships are designed to provide a comprehensive view of company activities, offering participants the opportunity to:

  • Develop practical and professional skills in the preparation, restoration, and setting up of paleontological material;
  • Work closely with professionals from various fields, including vertebrate paleontology, museology, and specimen preparation;
  • Participate in innovative and stimulating projects, often with international implications;
  • Receive continuous mentoring and feedback from everyone involved in the project.

Thesis Projects

We actively collaborate with students who wish to undertake their bachelor’s or master’s thesis project with or in collaboration with our company. We offer support and resources for the development of original and relevant research, thereby contributing to the growth of academic knowledge and the resolution of practical issues in the field.
Our programs supporting thesis projects include:

  • Access to company data and resources;
  • Supervision and mentoring by industry experts;
  • Opportunities to present research results to our team and share possible communicative or commercial opportunities both in Italy and abroad;
  • Possibilities for publication and dissemination of the results obtained in peer-reviewed journals and public outreach contexts.


University of Turin-
Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology.

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia-
Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences

University of Trieste-
The Department of Mathematics and Geosciences.

Bologna University-
Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences – BiGeA

Chieti University-
Department: Department of Engineering and Geology

Enigma Project

ENIGMA is a cutting-edge multidisciplinary research project with partnerships in various research institutes across Europe, including Italy, the UK, Croatia, and Slovenia.

Thanks to collaboration between specialists and researchers throughout Europe, it has been possible to create a team of professionals capable of combining advanced X-ray techniques (synchrotron and laboratory phase-contrast microtomography, synchrotron X-ray fluorescence, and infrared spectroscopy) with the investigation of a large sample of skeletal elements from the Krapina Neanderthal collection (dated 130 +/- 10 Kya) in Croatia to investigate detailed aspects of their developmental biology.

Zoic is proud to participate in this project by providing some fossil samples to test the methodologies used in the paleontological field, thus contributing to international research and development.

The project is funded by European funds HORIZON.1.2 – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)

funds, obtained thanks to the commitment of Dr. Simone Lemmers, team leader, and project coordinator.





FantiLab Collaboration

The Zoic Team actively collaborates with the Fanti Lab research group. The group originates from the collaboration between the Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences and the University of Bologna’s University Museum System, as well as the Italian Paleontological and Paleoartistic Association.

Led by Prof. Federico Fanti, Fanti Lab is a young and dynamic entity that aims to invest resources in international research campaigns, involving researchers and students in field activities to ensure that the new generations are well-prepared and competitive on an international level.

This collaboration represents an important opportunity to combine our expertise and resources in the private sector with those of other professionals in the field who share a common vision: a comprehensive understanding of paleontology from scientific, regulatory, legal, outreach, and commercial perspectives.

The starting point of our joint work is the enhancement and protection of the Paleontological Site of Villaggio del Pescatore (Duino-Aurisina, Trieste). The framework agreement signed in 2022 with the University of Bologna (BiGeA Department), the University of Trieste (Department of Mathematics and Earth Sciences), the Civic Museum of Natural History of Trieste, ISPRA, Elettra Sincrotrone, and ZOIC s.r.l. was the first step towards achieving significant milestones. Our project aims to promote excellent research and lay the foundations for connecting science with the social and economic fabric. Specifically:

  • Understanding the processes that generated the site and preserved the fossils over time;
  • Documenting the rich biodiversity represented by the recovered fossils, also through new technologies, to understand the paleoecology and paleobiogeography of the area during the Cretaceous;
  • Studying climatic and environmental information;
  • Promoting education, exhibitions, and projects for the protection and enhancement of the site.


https://site.unibo.it/vertebrate-paleontology/it/staff https://site.unibo.it/vertebrate-paleontology/it/staff