Allosaurus Fragilis
Giurassico Superiore-Late Jurassic

Giurassico Superiore-Late Jurassic
Morrison FMT
San Juan Utah
Lunghezza-Lenght:8.5 m
Altezza -Height :3,2 m

In 1996 we supplied at Paleontology Museum of the University of Naples with a particulary well-preserved Allosaurus skeleton. Named “Genni”, it had been found in Utah three years before, together with a young Camposaurus specimen. One of the most common carnivores of the Late Jurassic, the Allosaurus reached a lenght of 12 meters and a weight of two tons. Replicas of Genni are available in a range of postures, and there is a range of casts of claws, paws, skull and vertebrae. Also available is a scene depicting an Allosaurus preying on a small Camposaurus.