Confuciusornis sanctus

Confuciusornis sanctus
Confuciusornis dui
Liaoxiornis delicatus

Cretaceo – Cretaceous
Neocomiano – Neocomian
Yixian FMT
Beipiao Cina – China

UcCrR001  Confuciusornis sanctus femmina – female lastra – slab 30×18 cm
UcCrR003  Confuciusornis sanctus maschio – male lastra – slab 60×30 cm
UcCrR004  Confuciusornis dui olotipo – holotype lastra – slab 30×20 cm
UcCrR002  Confuciusornis dui maschio+femmina – male+female lastra – slab 60×45 cm
UcCrR005  Liaoxiornis delicatus lastra – slab 25×18 cm


Before 1994 Archaeopteryx was the only bird fossil from the Mesozoic preserved with feathers. The discovery of thousands of bird skeletons of different species in the lake deposit in Liaoning Province, China, has revolutionized scientific theory of the evolution of birds.