Diplodocus sp replica
Giurassico – Jurassic

Diplodocus sp.
Giurassico – Jurassic
Titoniano – Tithonian
Morrison FMT
Whyoming U.S.A.

Lunghezza  cranio – skull lenght   68 cm

DiGiR023 Diplodocus sp.
DiGiR022 vertebre caudali patologiche – pathological caudal vertebrae
DiGiR022 bis      artiglio del piede – hind claw


Diplodocus was a sauropod with a long neck and even longer tail. Compared with its total length, the body was slender and the skull tiny. The weight therefore was far less than the other “long-necked” dinosaurs. The usual size of these animals rarely exceeds 25 meters, with an average of 22. The specimen, from which we cast the skull, is probably the longest Diplodocus ever discovered. Named “ Henry the Old” due to some bony characteristcs typical of  aged dinosaurus, the specimen reached 28 meters in length. As with many dinosaurs, Henry was also affected by osteological diseases, like the fusion of two caudal backbones due to a tumoral process.