Devoniano – Devonian

Dunkleosteus marsaisi
Devoniano – Devonian
Famenniano – Famennian
Cheiloceras Zone
Jorf , Marocco – Morocco

Lunghezza cranio – skull lenght 110 cm

PEDeR008  Dunkleosteus marsaisi


Some armoured fish achieved massive dimensions in the upper Devonian period. Recent discoveries of the skull of Titanychthys prove that these animals could be over 10 meters long. The Dunkleosteus skull reproduced here is remarkable for the wound on the cephalic shield that shows clear origins of healing, despite the fact that the shield was made of dentine.The Dunkleosteus survived its wound which was probably made by a larger fish of the same species and represents probably the first example of predation in the vertebrate fossil record.