Cretaceo – Cretaceous

Quetzalcoatlus northropi
Cretaceo – Cretaceous
Maastrichtiano – Maastrichtian
Javelina FMT
Brewser Co. Texas

ReCrR014   Quetzalcoaltus northropi

The two largest critters which have ever dwelled our planet skies lived both about 70 million years ago. In Rumania remains of the flying reptile named Hatzegopteryx were recently discovered while Texas offered fossils of Quetzalcoatlus. Both these animals reached a wingspan of about 12 meters, like a small airplane and weighted almost 100 kg. Fossil remains are scarce and fragmentary therefore saying where, in Europe or America, the largest flying animals were found is still impossible. Quetzalcoaltus, named by the aztec god “feathered snake” was discovered into non-marine sediments. It’s diet, once thought based on dead critters, was re-considered due to the poor flexibility of the long neck. It is anyway still impossible to exactly say what this big flyer was eating.