Rhamphorhynchus muensteri

Rhamphorhynchus gemmingi lastra – slab 96×36 cm
Rhamphorhynchus muensteri lastra – slab 115×47 cm
Germanodactylus sp. lastra – slab 111×65 cm
Pterodactylus kochi lastra – slab 20×14 cm
Scaphognathus crassirostris lastra – slab 25×15 cm
Giurassico – Jurassic
Titoniano – Tithonian
Calcare Litografico – Lithographic Limestone
Germania – Germany

ReGiR003 Rhamphorhynchus gemmingi
ReGiR005 Rhamphorhyncus muensteri
ReGiR006 Germanodactylus sp.
ReGiR007 Pterodactylus kochi
ReGiR008 Scaphognathus crassirostris

The fine-grained lithographic limestones of the Solnhofen area allow the exceptional preservation of many kinds of pterosaurs. Some specimens still show the impression of the membranous wings. In the past many quarries were operating as limestone was widely used for lithographic printing and ornamental rock. Today quarrying has been severely reduced  and the fossils, always rare, are more and more difficult to obtain.