Spinosaurus sp
Cretaceo – Cretaceous

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus
Cretaceo – Cretaceous
Albiano – Albian
Continental Red Beds
Jebel Kem-Kem
Marocco – Morocco

DiCrR056   Spinosaurus scheletro complete- complete skeleton 7,80 m
DiCrR036   Spinosaurus aegyptiacus mascellare – maxillary  Length 102 cm
DiCrR046   Spinosaurus sp.  vertebra dorsale – dorsal vertebrae 147 cm
DiCrR047   Spinosaurus sp. mano – hand 70 cm

The spinosaurus jawbone recently described by Buffetaut and Del Sasso, belongs to probably the biggest carnivorous dinosaur known so far. Its dimensions confirm the size of the sample proposed by Spielberg in Jurassic Park III. Spinosaurus looked quite different from any other species of dinosaur, with huge apophysis on the dorsal vertebras, bigger even than its contemporary Ouranosaurus. The remains of this animal are always fragmentary as the skeletons are transported and scattered after death, before piling up disjointedly in the coastal deposits that produce the fossil layers.