Tyrannosaurus baatar
Cretaceo – Cretaceous

Tyrannosaurus bataar
Cretaceo – Cretaceous
Maastrichtiano – Maastrichtian
Nemegt FMT
Omnogov Mongolia

Lunghezza cranio – skull lenght 130 cm
Pes  39 cm
Manus  30 cm

Lunghezza cranio – skull lenght 130 cm
DiCrR018 Tyrannosaurus bataar

We believe the Asian Tyrannosaurus, slightly older than its american cousin, colonised the new world by crossing the land bridge which is now the Bering strait.Several skeletons of what was originally called “Tarbosaurus” have been found both in Mongolia and in China. Tyrannosaurus bataar grew as big as a T-rex. The holotype is a skull and it’s replicas are proposed by Stoneage under agreement with the owner, the Institute of Paleontology of Moscow.
Stoneage also keep the rights of casting another Asian tyrannosaurid, called Maleevosaurus. This skull looks like in every detail, including size, the holotype described by russian scientists.