Cretaceo – Cretaceous

Velociraptor mongoliensis
Cretaceo – Cretaceous
Senoniano – Senonian
Djadochta FMT
Shabarak Mongolia

Lunghezza – lenght 125 cm
DiCrR024 Velociraptor

The Velociraptor is probably the most well known genus among the small sized dinosaurs. It neve exceed two meters in length. Tail and skull were peculiar: tail because of its inflexibility due by bony rods growing out from the vertebrae, skull because it was long and flat-snouted in comparison with the other dromaeosaurs. A famous find in 1971 in Mongolia shows a Velociraptor skeleton toghether with a Protoceratops, in a combact posture frozen by death. Velociraptor is mostly known by fragmentary specimens, and complete skeletons are extremely rare.