Cretaceo – Cretaceous

Psittacosaurus mogoliensis
Cretaceo – Cretaceous
Albiano/Aptiano – Albian/Aptian
Lisangon FMT
Zizhiuq Cina – China

DiCrR013   Psittacosaurus mongoliensis adulto – adult lunghezza – lenght 120 cm
DiCrR013 bis  Psittacosaurus mongoliensis giovanile- juvenile lunghezza – lenght 60 cm

The psittacosaurids are considered the ancestors of the ceratopids, horned dinosaurs which include large animals such as the Triceratops. The name, “parrot lizard” comes from the powerful horny, toothless beak which characterizes the group. These dinosaurs are found only in China and Mongolia, but in large numbers. Probably Psittacosaurus evolved from Hypsilophodon, being able like this Hypsilophodon to mantain a bipedal posture while running.