Restoration Work at the Paris Museum
Marine mammal that disappeared in the 18th century

Restoration Work at the Paris Museum

The repositioning of the fossil skeleton of Steller’s sea cow at the Paris Museum was a meticulous and delicate task aimed at enhancing one of the few remaining specimens of this extinct species. Steller’s sea cow, a large marine mammal that disappeared in the 18th century, has been represented in the museum by a skeleton that has been part of the collection since the initial setup in 1898.

The new exhibition path required a modification to allow visitors to admire the specimen in its correct position.
Specimens housed in historic museums are still displayed on their original supports, necessitating careful and precise disassembly and reassembly to maintain the integrity of the original structure.
Our team, alongside skilled cabinetmakers, spent 7 days completing this complex task.

A perfect collaboration with the Paris Museum and the Atelier Lalaison company allowed us to complete the work on schedule, to the satisfaction of the curator, Dr. Alexander Nasole, and the director, Dr. Cecile Coline, whom we thank for entrusting us with this project.